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    Tree care isn't just our business – it is our passion. We love what we do and it shows in the painstaking care and attention to detail we put into the services we provide to our customers. Grapevine Tree Service offers assistance with tree planting, tree trimming, tree and stump removal, brush clearing, root removal, and more. Whatever tree care needs you have, our team of professional, experienced arborists can help. We are the leading tree service in Grapevine TX. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our experts!

    About Us

    Commitment, dedication, and hard work stem from an inherent interest or love for the work you are doing. In our case, what we love is helping our customers tend to their tree care needs. Our knowledge, skills, and expertise have grown out of a deep respect for nature and the natural environment, as well as the care we have for our community and the people within it. When people ask "what makes Grapevine Tree Service different from other tree companies near me?", we can honestly tell them it is our passion for what we do that drives us to go the extra mile.


    There are many aspects to tree care, from tree planting to tree cutting. We understand the complete life cycle of the trees and brush indigenous to Grapevine, Texas, and this allows us to assist our clients with a wide range of problems and concerns. Our services include tree pruning, hedge trimming, tree cabling and bracing, deep root fertilization, stump grinding, insect control, and storm damage cleanup among others. If you would like to inquire about other services not listed here on our website, don't hesitate to contact us.


    Tree & Bush Trimming

    While the rustic look has been gaining in popularity, there is a stark difference between a yard that looks chic in a rustic way and one that simply looks like an unkempt jungle. While your hedges do not have to be trimmed into perfect rectangles, it is also important not to let branches and stems block walkways and driveways. Our tree trimmers can achieve that perfect balance between natural and orderly. Call us for professional tree pruning and brush clearing for your property!


    Tree & Stump Removal

    A damaged tree or one growing too close to a building can quickly become an unwanted problem, as well as a potential hazard. Our tree service company can assist with land clearing, tree removal, and stump grinding as needed to help address your concerns. Make room for new landscaping or simply get rid of an old and dying tree that has become an eyesore. We will ensure that trunk, stump, and root are all completely removed from your property. If you have been searching for "tree removal service near me", give us a call!

    "I'm blown away by how healthy and luscious my hedges and trees look now! Grapevine Tree Service has really helped me improve their health and appearance. Their services are very affordable but the quality is exceptional." - Melinda F.

    Tree Cabling & Bracing

    It takes time for a tree to fully become tall, solid, and strong. New saplings may have a more difficult time weathering high winds and storms. Tree cabling and bracing gives weaker trees a chance to grow and thrive without threat of being broken or uprooted. Our arborists can assist you in protecting vulnerable trees on your property. Cabling or bracing will not harm the tree and can help to ensure the tree grows in a healthy manner without leaning or other problems.


    Deep Root Fertilization

    A tree draws all its nutrients through its roots. This means that soil conditions in the root zone need to be ideal for your tree to truly thrive and reach its full potential. Deep root fertilization is a method that can help to ensure the health and vitality of your tree. By injecting a nutrient solution directly into the root zone, it ensures that the right nutrients can reach your tree and be easily absorbed. This method also brings more oxygen to the roots and works to help improve soil conditions in the long term. You can find out more about why yearly deep root fertilization is a must for your trees by contacting us.


    "The tree trimmers who came were friendly and approachable. They got straight down to work and were very thorough. We are pleased with the results and would happily use their service again!" - Harold G.


    Insect & Disease Control

    Insects can be more than just a nuisance during a picnic or backyard barbecue. Many types of insects can cause extensive damage to the trees or plants in your yard. If an infestation is left unchecked, it can eventually destroy the health of your trees or leave your landscape barren. Disease can have a similar effect. For help with insect and disease control, speak with our tree service company.


    Storm Damage Cleanup

    Storm winds and lightning can damage, topple, or uproot trees and brush on your property and leave you with a trail of damage and destruction. Our tree service offers assistance with storm damage cleanup. From tree removal to tree trimming to remove damaged branches, we will make sure that orderliness and safety are restored to your property.

    "I was completely impressed by the level of knowledge my arborist had. He was able to answer all my questions and provided me with a lot of tips on caring for my trees. All around excellent service and tree care!" - Rachel W.

    Contact Us Today

    What's the best way to get in touch with us? There's more than one way to reach us! No matter how you to decide to first contact us, you can be assured that our excellent customer service team will provide you with warm and friendly assistance. We know that potential clients may have some questions about what we do, what services we offer, and how much our services cost, and we are ready to provide them with the answers they need.